Since our church is moving to a new building about a mile east of where we are now on Hollywood Blvd, some of the church leaders and volunteers shared some pretty good laughs about what it might mean for people to adjust to the new space.

Jake Thomas

I  joked with our lead pastor about how spending five years worth of Sundays inside a theater meant that most of the congregation probably forgot how to use a traditional pew. The jokes started from there and grew into this short video.

My funny hubby Jake Thomas wrote the script and I directed and edited it. A bunch of friends volunteered to take time out of their busy Wednesday to be actors and extras. I got to meet a lot of new people too. It was a very fun day. Most of the time we were all just making each other laugh. Thankfully someone remembered to turn on the camera every once in a while.

Lots of thanks to Michelle McCreary, Joseph Barkley, and Gary Clemmer.



Gary and Joseph were great to work with. They understood the humor and we had lots of fun.